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Expanding Your Space

If your business is expanding, or you just want to create a new workspace, it might be time to consider a buildout to add more room for products or new employees. At LAMP Design + Build, our staff is experienced in commercial buildouts and knows what that process entails. We will ask you and your employees for input as we design the new space that supports your business. We consider workflow and organization, and we look for opportunities to display products and highlight services.

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Designed With The Customer In Mind

We believe a customer’s experience should be reflected in the structure itself. From design to the building process, our team works closely with you to ensure your buildout is completed with the consumer in mind. When your business succeeds, we succeed. We want to hear that the growth of your space leads to the growth of your business.

Being Conscious of Your Work and Ours

Buildout construction can be a hassle for you and your employees. We work efficiently and professionally to reduce any unnecessary disruption for your staff and seek opportunities to steer clear of your workflow. We want your business to continue to run smoothly while we create your new work environment, and we will take your processes into consideration when planning our own work.

Your Business, Your Vision

No one knows your business better than you do, and we want to give life to the vision you have for it. You’re good at what you do, and so are we. Let us create something that, like your business, will stand the test of time. Contact LAMP Design + Build today for more information about commercial buildouts and begin adding new space for products or processes. We take current workflow and desired workflow into consideration, making room for necessary equipment and processes. We know that you have many questions. Rest assured, we ask a lot of questions as well. Our only assumption is that you want to grow your business, and it is our desire to work closely with you to make the build and your growth a success.

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