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Relaxing Bathrooms

Bathrooms can provide a place for relaxation. We can help you determine what types of baths, showers or even closets to include in this space. If you’re redesigning, you may be surprised that major changes can be inexpensive but offer a lot more functionality. Spacious bathrooms can also add value to your home. Check out our extensive projects to get inspiration for your new bathroom, and don’t forget the mudroom off the new garage. Make sure all the dirt and grime stays where it belongs.

A New Bedroom

Whether you have a new member of the family ready to embark on the world, need to separate growing siblings, or want a new relaxing place to escape the stress of daily activities, new bedroom space can change the dynamic of the family for the better. A bedroom’s shape and size can make all the difference, and families are often shocked to find that a strict budget does not have to put constraints on design. Our team will consider the needs of the family when determining the features of the new bedroom. We take the existing home into consideration to ensure the new space fits well with the home.

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