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Having your new home project professionally designed doesn’t always mean it will be perfect, and you shouldn’t have to settle for a design you don’t absolutely love. At LAMP Design + Build, we can take plans you've been given from other designers and revise them to better fit your needs. Whether there is something fundamentally wrong with the design, or it’s just not your style, we can fix it.

The Difference

When smaller projects are designed by architects or other designers, there are factors that are often overlooked such as how the materials used may affect your budget, or how the addition will flow with your current layout. With LAMP Design + Build, you get a team that will design AND build your project. Doing both is crucial for creating practical designs that stay within your budget. It also streamlines communication by cutting out the middleman, making for a smoother process. If you’re unhappy with your current design, contact us today for a consultation.

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